Kate gets to know Geneva of @cosmic.american

Posted by Natasha Stiles on 24th Apr 2017


photos courtesy of @cosmic.american

Kate: One thing that super attracted me to your IG feed was the landscape of your 'hood. Did you grow up in Joshua Tree? What are the 'why's of living there? How did you find yourself there?

Geneva: I was born and raised in Georgia and my husband Andy is from Oklahoma. We both fled to the “best coast” soon after graduating college and met while living in Seattle, Washington. From Seattle, we moved together with my sister’s family to San Diego, where we lived and worked for about 4 years. After Prairie was born, we decided it was best for our family if I did not return to work right away. Because we were losing an income we needed to move somewhere more affordable, but not too far from san Diego because of my sister and her family living there. We had been traveling to Joshua Tree for years and even got married here. We were always impressed by the vibes of this town as well as the scenery. How it’s small, but unlike our hometowns, liberal. It’s full of people who think outside the box, artists, environmentalists, and dreamers like us, we were just drawn here. With Andy working from home (he’s an Editor), and me not working, it seemed like the perfect time to give it a shot. So, we packed our bags and the rest is history!

Kate: What makes your family work?

Geneva: Andy and I both have come to the realization that we want to work to live, not live to work. We are both committed to spending as much quality time together as a family as possible. I think because our values align in that aspect, everything else kind of falls into place.

Kate: Favorite song?

Geneva: Prairie is obsessed with two songs right now, Upside Down by Diana Ross and Copacabana by Barry Manilow, so we pretty much listen to those on repeat at the moment. Although, when I have my way my preference is always old country and folk.


Kate: Do you work outside of the home and does it bring you pleasure?

Geneva: I am not working right now. Prior to having Prairie, I worked at a San Diego nonprofit and felt very proud of my job. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to stay home with her, but sometimes struggle to feel purposeful and productive. Somedays I get bored or crabby with her and feel like shit. But generally, we have so much fun together, I know I’lll always remember these years fondly.

Kate: Well that's the honest truth. Love it.

Kate: Sometimes I surprise myself in the domestic department, like I bake something before swim lessons and leave it in the oven for dinner after. I’m a creative and can’t find anything, I’m desperately disorganized and operate on a practically chaotic level sometimes, but then I find myself doing the most practical of parenting tasks, calmly and effortlessly, a flawless homemade vegetarian lasagna in one hand and freshly squeezed juice in the other, hovering over sparkling carrera marble countertops and I’m literally startled. What surprises you about yourself in your role of motherhood?

Geneva: Haha! That’s rad! Come over and make me that veggie lasagna please!!! Lol! I guess my biggest surprise is how much I enjoy motherhood to be honest. For a long time, we were not sure we wanted kids at all, and now I can’t imagine a life without my little girl.

Kate: Neutral colors - everyone loves them but describe the neutrals that speak to you

Geneva: I used to be all about black and gray they were my neutrals of choice as a city dweller, but these days I love nothing more than sandy tones and dusty roses. Anything washed out, and yes desert-y, just works so well here.

Kate: Yup, carmel is the new gray.


Kate: Partner hack - best advice on how to be good to each other and make it through the sleep deprivation.

Geneva: Crap, I don’t know this or the mom hacks either! Someone tell me the secrets, I’m still learning.

Kate: Cheese?

Geneva: Yes! Gimme all the cheese! I swear I’d finally go vegan if someone could master a decent vegan cheese.

Kate: Agreed. We introduced a cashew soft cheese into our household this week. I’ll keep you posted.

Kate: One indulgence that makes you feel alright again.

Geneva: Hiding in the bathroom eating Cadbury eggs LOLOLOLOL!

Kate: Lololol!!!!! Sometimes I pretend I am taking a really long time so I can be alone.

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