Indoor Games

Indoor Games

23rd Aug 2018

We have been busy creating away and fulfilling orders over here at Kate Quinn headquarters. Since we're in Washington, we unfortunately have been dealing with the air issues that have come from all the nearby forest fires. Luckily, we're inside and away from the bad air quality but it's really taken a toll on all of us because once the work day is over, going home to be cooped up in the house does not make for a fun past 2 weeks. Especially when the kids are asking over and over to go outside. To help us all through this time we thought we would share some great indoor activities that have helped us though this time and maybe these ideas will help you if you find yourself having to be cooped up in the coming winter months or for any other reason. 

Building forts! This is probably our number one pick around here. So many different ways to build a fort out of sheets, pillowcases, blankets, you name it. Strung over lined up chairs or furniture pieces, or even the couch. This is a great indoor activity since it can serve for any age and there are so many great ways to utilize a fort as well. Such as a nice spot for reading, story telling, drawing and/or coloring, board games, just to name a few. Make it even extra special and string some Christmas lights through the inside! Or bring a flashlight in and make shadow animals. 

Impromptu performances! Using imaginations and putting together a fun play or choreographed dancing is a major hit in some of our homes. You never know how these will go which is the beauty of them, over here they usually end in lots of laughter which makes for building lovely memories. 

Kate recently threw her daughter a birthday party that had a fun activity, putting together little terrariums! How adorable is that! What a great idea for not only a birthday party but as an indoor activity too. Take a trip to your local nursery and purchase all the items that you need to make a few terrariums and voila! Invite some friends over and make an impromptu party out of it. Air plants, succulents, cacti, moss, rocks, sticks, so many options. Not into plants? Try any craft idea that you're interested in such as finger painting, knitting, scrap booking, or jewelry making.