Giraffe | Coming Soon

Giraffe | Coming Soon

16th Aug 2018

We're in love with giraffes right now. Okay, let's be honest... we're always in love with giraffes but we have a fun print coming out soon that is showing off this beautiful animal! Did you know that giraffes are very social animals and they like to roam around in groups. The socializing doesn't stop there, this print is sure to strike up a conversation anywhere you go! We're seriously swooning over this collection so let's give you a sneak peek!

Did you know that giraffes have purple tongues! That makes for an awesome experience feeding the giraffes at the zoo. They also eat a lot of leafy greens and because of that, they don't need to drink much water. They usually only drink water once every few days. We've found that giraffes are not just adorable but they're really unique animals!

The giraffe collection isn't just all giraffes, it also includes our best-selling forest print, along side several beautiful solid colors. This collection is perfect for the transition from Summer to Fall.

We know you will love this collection just as much as we do. Check back with us soon!